Manuka Bay is one of those hard to find, quietly resplendent gem localities overlooked and undiscovered by most people. Those that are lucky enough to own one of the few farm properties that adjoin its shores and the few fishermen or walkers that care to visit enjoy this secluded and peaceful slice of paradise. The ocean view is forever changing with that alluring interaction of sky, clouds, calm or tossing sea. Add to this the fresh water flow from the Hurunui river at the beach headland, this is forever changing shape with the tide and colour if it rains – this is truly a magic place to live.

Manuka Bay Beach does not have a public road going to it just a private farm drive in a neighboring farm extending down the hill from the end of Manuka Bay Road.

The Manuka Bay Lodge property does however have access onto a sealed road. The property extends from the beach inland to Cathedral Road.
The nearest Town is Cheviot about 12 minutes of scenic drive from Manuka Bay Lodge.



Cheviot is a small but prosperous farming town servicing some of the largest sheep stations in New Zealand. It is also strategically located on State Highway One making a convenient stopping spot for travelers looking for a good Café.
The town has a nice medical centre, fire, police station and ambulance. It also features a Hotel, Motels, Restaurant, School, Supermarket, Chemist, Hardware, 2 Fuel stations with Garages, Honda Farm Motorcycles, Cafés, Farm Supplies Store, Trucking Depot, Hairdresser, Butcher, 2 Pre-Schools, Council Office, Museum, English style Domain, A&P showground’s and 12 hole Golf Course.



Originally the grounds of the Mansion House dating back to the 1860’s, this large garden and tree park is now a reserve and administered by the local reserves board. It is a great place for enjoying the outdoors.
The local cricket club have developed their grounds in a central portion of the extensive park. On either side are mature Oak forests with thousands of daffodils planted beneath, making a spectacular display every spring! Twelve original pear trees still flourish in the central park, they represent the 13 Apostles and provide free pears to those that know about them. New plantings have been designed to complement the mature trees. A river and road meander through the reserve with many walking tracks leading into the trees, the longer routes are marked.



Every March Cheviot hosts the local A& P Show in extensive grounds and buildings built for the show. This is an important and fun event with many events, competitions and stalls. At one end of the grounds is the Cheviot Rugby club.


Wonderful swimming and surf beach that lies between Cheviot township and Manuka Bay. It has many holiday houses along the southern end along with several camping grounds. It is good for fishing and diving and is now being recognized as one of the best beaches on the east coast of the South Island. It also has walkways, waterfall, and the rock pools at the southern end team with sea life.



All along this coast from the Conway river in the North to NapeNape Beach in the south good surf casting is found. Many species are caught including Kahawai, Blue Cod, Lemon Fish, Gurnard and the odd Salmon.


Both the Hurunui and Waiau rivers fish well. In March the Cheviot Lions Club host the Cheviot Salmon and Trout Fishing Contest with some good prizes offered by the sponsors.



White Bait is a famous NZ delicacy, both the Hurunui and Waiau rivers offer fantastic netting of these spawn fish at or near the river mouth. The waters are clean and provide very nice tasting fish.





Once again both the Hurunui and Waiau rivers are good for boating, both have boat trailer access, a four wheel drive vehicle is recommended for launching. The rivers are navigable most of the year and have a good variety of scenery and some exciting gorges.




The Huranui River and the Waiau River are large mighty Waterways, both with different characters and challenges, offering interesting Kayaking. Between them both are Manuka Bay and Gore Bay with rocky headlands offering some diverse sea canoeing. This is a superb coastal environment but is away from the common tourist destinations so most of the time you feel you have this un-spoilt place to yourself.



Becoming a popular sport in NZ, this area has many mountain and coastal trails. In February is the local Mountain Bike Race from Culverden over farm trails to Cheviot, it is called “The Kaiwara Klassic”.


Cheviot has a Horse Harness Racing Club and Track which hosts a local and national race day.


The most common hunting in the area is for wild pig, many farmers permit hunting on their land as wild pigs can do damage to pastures and cause problems at lambing time. The forests and river valleys deer can be taken. If you want smaller game then rabbits are always available and in season duck and pheasant.