Construction - Main Residence:


Overall concept and design by Gordon Lidgard. The main Residence was designed to be a luxury Residence with several large guest rooms each with an ensuite; making the house suitable as a Tourist Lodge or up market Bed and Breakfast. The house extends for 47.5 metres with large double glazed windows parallel to the beach, taking full advantage of the commanding views.


Main structure design: The house is large tall and long with huge concrete foundations and massive poles creating a structure that will withstand earthquakes or severe storms. The walls are strong and extremely rigid for a wooden building, permitting a high ceiling and tall wide windows facing the sea. The main structural components were specially designed by Strongbuilt. The materials were supplied by Goldpine in Amberley along with an Approved Engineering Produced Statement and detailed construction drawings, non standard main load bearing components had additional Engineering Approval and construction drawings. The roof structure is supported by huge round poles, the two story roof central poles were 11 meters long and have a base diameter of 500mm!


All are H5 tantalized, with the base end grain waterproofed with special sealing compound, before completely surrounded with concrete. GoldTan H5 poles were used with a guaranteed for 50 years against insect and fungal attack, however should last very much longer - so the building will last for generations to come!
The framing timber is 150 x 50 H3, with the main roof beams 300 x 50 H3 tantalized radiata pine.

The first story floors are 120mm reinforced concrete with special high grade water heating pipes embedded in the upper concrete surface. The concrete floor is insulated beneath with 45mm polystyrene slab sheeting.

The main large covered concrete deck has a minimum of 150mm thick, reinforced 20MPA concrete. This will enable vehicles to drive right to the front door if necessary, it has a very hard, easy to clean finish.

The roof is coloursteel, chosen to blend with the landscape colours. All ColorSteel products come with a fifteen year guarantee against flaking or excessive fading in severe environments.



Joinery is by Eurovision in Nelson, and utilizes the best in advanced German Engineering for the window and door frames. This has a natural timber frame internally with powder coated alloy exterior for durability in coastal regions. Windows and doors have dual opening capability giving versatile and safe venting. Locking is with perimeter stainless steel catches giving the best security available.
Builder: Mark Milne Builders of Rangiora.
Plumber: Elite Plumbing of Christchurch.
Electrician: Martin Schurgers Electrical of Cheviot.
Sewer: Oasis Clearwater active system.
Kitchen: Simply Kitchens of Christchurch
Building Permit and Inspections: Hurunui District Council
Security: Christchurch Security Services

First Stage Finished to lock up:

Enclosed ground floor area: 225m2
Second Story floor area: 90m2
Concrete covered deck area: 36m2
Second Story Wooden Deck: 31m2
Total Area 382m2


Internally Finished:

Kitchen, Lounge and Dinning Area


Second Stage:

Roof only completed: 142m2 – Note: This area already has windows manufactured in matching timber, these are in storage, also this roof area is tall enough to permit a mezzanine floor greatly increasing final floor area.




Also on the property are a new Strongbuilt coloursteel shed 135m2 with insulated concrete floor and framed inside so it can be converted into a dwelling. The building inspector has made a note that the foundation meets dwelling specifications and the timber main poles are H5 treated. The joinery is brown colored anodized aluminum.




There is a shearing / hay shed on the property which is below the house but screened from view by trees. The sewerage system is below this shed permitting a toilet and other amenity’s to be installed in this shed.



A breathtaking location - on the cliff-top overlooking the beach is a natural wood chalet. This is the perfect romantic hideaway, big enough for a king-sized bed with private but commanding views if the forest and beach. It is made of durable Macrocarpa timber, the joinery is new brown colored aluminum.



The extensive driveways on the property have been designed to be functional and also look aesthetically pleasing with beautiful sweeping curves, these are accented by the addition of massive 2 to 5 tonne hard stone boulders from the Hapuku River north of Kaikoura.

The driveways were professionally built by one of the most experienced contractors in the district. Huge amounts of base roading rock was trucked in and used to form the driveways foundations so that even in mid-winter, after much rain, heavy equipment like concrete mixers are able to use them.


Mains Power

The property has had a new large capacity transformer installed on the road boundary farthest away from the lodge location, with an oversized 120mm Ø diameter cable running underground to the lodge. The whole system has enough extra capacity for more extensive future development of the property if desired.



Town Water

This property is lucky enough to have a water connection to the Hurunui / Cheviot Town Water supply. The lodge has a large water reservoir tank in the roof space.




Provision has been made for irrigating a potential Golf Green on the gently rolling land below the lodge. Two large 25,000 liter irrigation reservoir tanks, have been installed along with mains power cable and irrigation solenoid control wires to the pump shed location adjacent to the tanks. Both tanks are joined with a 50mm flexible pipe and valves with a separate 50mm valve available for fire fighting. Two new automatic pressure pumps have been purchased for the irrigation (one large and one medium size), these are included in the property sale.


Security System

The property has a state of the art video surveillance with large capacity storage system, also features movement sensors. These cover not only the house but also the grounds have the latest colour camera surveillance.

Also installed are deeply buried mains cables for driveway lighting and automatic gate opening. Extra signal and video cables have been included for gate keypad and camera operation.



Telephone cables have been installed and one line connected. Extra cables have been run from the lodge to the main line at the gate permitting up to 9 lines. Telephone cables also link the lodge to the shed.



Electrical Wiring

Manuka Bay Lodge incorporates a wiring system that is designed to run things in the house i.e. lighting, sound, appliances either manually or by computer. All cables return to a central control room and can be computer operated by the current C-Bus system, or other more powerful systems of the future. Many extra features have been allowed for in the wiring that has been installed, for example drop down theatre screen, digital projection system, surround speakers, mood lighting. The kitchen has glass accents illuminated by LED’s. Cat 5 data cable has been run in the walls to enable computer links to most things.




Built to last, Built for the future.